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  1. Gurukifateh says:

    The Sikh Colouring Book is now also available to purchase from the Sikh Community Centre ; ideal present for a youngster at £5.00 each, or as a photocopiable resource for any School. Contact 07968 143546 for more information.

  2. Tina Eason says:

    Just to say the schools educational visit for teachers yesterday was truly enlightening. Although my personal knowledge of the Sikh faith has grown enormously over the last few years there is always something new to learn. The whole experience of being at the Gurdwara is something more people should try to partake in. Thank you once again to Harkirat and all the members for your hospitality, we were made very welcome.
    Tina Eason
    St.Luke’s Primary School, Duston

  3. Dianne Freeman says:

    I would like to say how much I enjoyed our training session on Tuesday night. A big thank you Harkirat, to you and your community, for your hospitality and allowing us to ask all those questions the children ask us that we are unable to answer for them. You all made us feel extremely welcome and I look forward to bringing the children next time to share in my experience.

  4. Christine Mulligan says:

    We have had a visit today at Flitwick Lower School from Harkirat Singh.
    Mr Singh led a whole school assembly and then spent time in several classes talking about Food in the Sikh religion and Sikh naming ceremonies.
    I have had very positive feedback from staff saying what a lovely manner he had with the children and how well he answered their questions, explaining things at just the right level.
    They couldn’t suggest any ways to improve the sessions and would certainly welcome a return visit next year.
    Christine Mulligan R.E co-ordinator

  5. Nicola Hubbard says:

    This week we had a visit from Mr Singh at our primary school. Mr Singh carried out workshops with several groups of children ranging from ages 4 to 9 and adapted his workshop for each group, including catering for children in our Specialist Support Center (children with moderate to complex learning needs.)
    The whole school have had nothing but praise for Mr Singh and comments included how approachable, child-friendly and interesting he was. The children were truly captivated and it is certainly an experience that we would wish to repeat in the future.
    Nicola Hubbard, Abbots Green Primary School

  6. Tracey Hamilton says:

    Thanks for visiting our school on Thursday 24th November. The children really enjoyed the session and
    told me how much they have found out about Sikhism!

  7. Susan King says:

    Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School had a visit from Mr Singh last Thursday. We would like to thank him very much for his time and patience. Everyone found Mr Singh very friendly and approachable. He has a very quiet and calm manner with the children and adapted his teaching to deal with children from 3 to 7 years old. The children loved learning and listened well. They also remember a great deal about Sikhism which is a true testament to good teaching. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again next year.

  8. Fiona McWilliam says:

    We would like to thank Mr Singh for giving the girls at St Mary’s Cambridge Junior School such an interesting morning. The assembly was a reflective time and the presentation and question and answer sessions to each year group in KS2 relevant and informative. The girls were able to enhance their learning and enjoyed seeing the artifacts that Mr Singh brought. A very worthwhile experience.

  9. Dee Butler says:

    Harkirat has a wonderful manner with the children. The assembly was very enjoyable and the children loved the opportunity to sing along with you.
    In the afternoon the Y3 class loved the activity with the clock and being able to learn some of the dance movements. It was very entertaining watching them back on the video.
    If I had one point to improve, it would be to make the morning session more practical with the children. There was a lot of sitting a listening, which they did, but they would have loved to have had a go at tieing a turban themselves.
    I will be using Harkirat again. The lunchtime football was a hit with the whole school!

  10. Maureen Waterfall says:

    Presenting an Assembly to a large hall of Special Needs primary aged children can be a daunting challenge but Haskirat rose to it beautifully!
    He captured the children with his warmth and style and held their interest with his delivery and resources. This is our second visit from Hakirat and it will certainly not be the last – always a treat, thank you!

  11. Yvette Fay says:

    A fantastic day for pupils and staff. The pupils were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of activities and excellent delivery. Our pupils range from 3-19 years old and have Learning Difficulties yet each class gained an insight into an aspect of the Sikh Faith.

  12. Sue Harvey-Smith says:

    Mr Singh came to Howe Dell School and led an exciting Sikh Day.
    Children’s comments
    “We liked Mr Singh’s turban – he wears it over his really long hair which he doesn’t cut” – Nursery
    “I liked it when he was singing, it made me feel really good”- Nursery
    “I liked the baby story” – Reception
    “I liked it when Mr Singh wrapped some ones head in a turban.”- Year 1
    “I really enjoyed learning about The 5 K’s in our workshop”
    “I had fun seeing real objects and touching them” – Year 4
    “It was fun”
    “The man told us really important stuff”
    “I enjoyed learning more about Sikhism.”- Year 5
    “I really enjoyed it because someone else told us what he believed in.”
    Staff Comments
    “Mr Singh had a lovely manner with the children.”
    “It was lovely. Mr Singh was fantastic with the children. They were all very engaged and produced some great work.”
    “Really good day, Mr Singh was great, informative and interesting without overpowering anyone.”

  13. Sarah Maynard says:

    An excellent workshop. Both of the classes that attended the workshop clearly enjoyed the afternoon and learnt so much. There were many resources shared and I now have new ideas to aid my own practice. Thank you Harkirat for all you did.

  14. Bethany Greenwood says:

    Thank you so much for our enlightening visit. Myself and the children were fascinated by the depth of knowledge and passion our educator showed. The opportunity for children to simply ask questions was invaluable and their learning was accelerated.
    St Luke’s Primary School, Maidenhead

  15. Bina Mistry-Sharma says:

    Harkirat visited St Luke’s CE Primary School in May. Our Year 6 pupils were captivated when hearing about his experiences growing up as a young Sikh.
    The presentation was clear and informative. The resources shared made the whole experience fun and interactive.
    Some comments shared by the pupils:

    ” I enjoyed watching the demonstration of how to wear a turban”
    ” I can now remember what the 5 Ks are”
    ” Mr Singh had a good sense of humor”

    Thank you Harkirat.

  16. Primary School Head says:

    As headteacher of a large Primary School, I was keen to share with the children, peoples experiences of belonging to different cultures and faiths. Following a recommendation from a fellow Headteacher, Mr Singh and I met to discuss a program of work that would be of benefit to the school. The discussions led us to Mr Singh leading a whole school assembly after which he visited classes of children. The focus of his work was around sharing his experiences of being a Sikh whilst developing the children’s cultural acceptance of people from different faiths. I am delighted to report that the whole school assembly was amazing and provided the children of the school with a great ‘taster’ of elements of Sikh life. This was followed up in class with a more in depth discussion with thought provoking activities and discussions that really moved the children on in their understanding. Mr Singh was able to pitch his discussions using a range of different resources and different focal themes so all the children were able to engage in his teaching. Mr Singh was a delight to have in school and we have decided that we would like him to come into school each year to share his experiences for the benefit of the children. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending any school use Mr Singh to support children in their understanding of Sikhism or indeed supporting the school in any area in which a confident speaker who can challenge stereotypes, at a child’s level, is needed.

  17. St. Mary's R.C. Juniors says:

    Thank you so much for your visit to St. Mary’s R.C. Juniors in Croydon.
    We were delighted by your calm, contemplative style and enthused by your positive, encouraging message.
    It was an absolute privilege to hear you speak at Assembly, and my colleagues assure me this was true of each workshop too.
    Thanks once again. We will certainly be recommending you you to other R.C. schools in the Diocese.

  18. Francesca O'Hara says:

    “The children and myself enjoyed our morning session with Harkirat Singh which was informative and pitched at the right level for the children. The children enjoyed listening to Mr Singhs experiences as a Sikh. They were kept engaged by question and answer sessions and through the use of interesting resources. They really enjoyed making the clocks and my only suggestion for improvemnt would be that longer could be spent on the more practical activities.Harkirat led an assembly for KS2 where staff commented on the lovely manner Harkirat had with the children and how spiritual it was. We will be definately booking another workshop next year. Thank you”

  19. Chris Andrew - Deputy Head says:

    I just thought that I would take a few moments to say just how much the children benefited from your visit. I’ve just marked the Year 4’s follow up work from your visit and they really enjoyed it and have remembered an awful lot. I’ve had responses from – “Can I be a Sikh and a Christian” – I responded with, “just be the best Christian you can be and know that you would be doing what would make you a good person, just like a good Sikh” to “I’m not supporting United any more – I’m going to support Liverpool like Mr Singh” – as a Manchester City fan, this amused me greatly.

    Thank you so much though. the staff and myself greatly appreciated the time and effort you went to in the days you visited and know that you are welcome to come and see us whenever you are nearby. Thank you too for the turban material – it has been re used already…I will take your advice re washing it though!

  20. jeni gipp says:

    Thank you so much for the inspirational day we all spent together. The students are so enthused and excited by the knowledge they have learnt and we as staff were so impressed with Mr Singhs ability to calmly answer all the various questions that were expressed.His rapport with his audience is excellent .We have had parents telephoning school to express how much they appreciated the vist and how motivated their children were by the experience.We would not hesitate in reccommending Mr Singh to any other school fortunate enough to be in a position to welcome him.

  21. Christopher Spring says:

    The visit by Harkirat was really beneficial both to the class of Y3/4 pupils with which he worked for most of the day and for the rest of KS2 who participated in an assembly taken by him.
    The Y3/4 class enjoyed their activities which focused upon what it means to be a Sikh and learned a great deal about tolerance and being part of a community. I would invite Harkirat back to this school in the future.

  22. Naoimh says:

    Dear Harkirat,
    I just wanted to say thank you for working with our pupils and staff this morning. They got so much from it and have been very enthusiastic about the learning they took from the workshops.
    It would be great if as discussed you could come back in the summer term when we hold our ‘One Religion’ week. I will let you know dates once they have been set.
    Thank you once again.
    Kind regards

  23. Stephanie Mckim says:

    What a wonderful experience our Sikh work shop was on Monday. The whole school assembly first thing on Monday morning was calm and uplifting. Mr Singh captivated both children and staff alike with his stories and ethos. It was a joy to welcome Mr Singh to our school and we will definitely be inviting him again. Not only did we learn more about Sihkism and Mr Singh’s culture but we were reminded of our responsibilities to be part of a thoughtful community. Have your thought about well being work shops for teachers? You would be fantastic!

    • Harkirat Singh (Mr Singh) ! says:

      Stephanie (and other readers),
      Many thanks for the feedback. I am happy to support teachers in any way they wish, and in the past, have held teacher training and well being workshops at the local Gurdwara. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07968 143546 or by email to discuss further. Best Wishes for the Festive Season and New Year ahead.
      Harkirat Singh.

  24. Rachel Crowther says:

    We had a fantastic visit from ‘Mr Singh’ to launch our One World Activity Week in November. He spoke to all the chidlren and then delivered workshops for various year groups. All the children were very interested in what he had to say and particularly enjoyed being models for the turban and meeting little Mr Singh. A fabulous way to start the half term.
    Thank-you very much from all the staff and children at Dallimore. Hope you can visit us again.

  25. Nicki Wilkinson says:

    It was lovely meeting you this morning. We all thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and the children loved the workshops. Keep up the good work – you have a lovely, kind manner with the children.We hope to see you again in the future.
    Kindest regards,

  26. Emma Duff says:

    Thank you to Mr Singh for an absolutely fantastic morning with my Yr 4/5 class! The children were fascinated by all the resources Mr Singh brought in and loved finding out all about Sikhism, which is a new area of learning for them. The session was interactive and fun, with a range of different activities and practical sections. The children had a wonderful time and it has really brought Sikhism to life for them. As a staff we were really pleased with the morning and hope to welcome Mr Singh to our school again in the future. I would strongly recommend this service to other schools, it is excellent.

  27. Jim Ager says:

    Another excellent visit from Harkirat Singh. The children really enjoyed his assembly which was pitched at a perfect level for all the pupils. The classroom sessions are well planned and resourced and all the pupils increased their knowledge of Sikhism. We very much look forward to future visits!

  28. Harkirat had a wonderful, calm approach with all children both in our assembly and in the class sessions he led. All our staff commented on how Harkirat had ensured all children felt included and even our quietest pupils were encouraged to offer responses.

    Thank you also to Harkirat for his valuable advice on resources.

  29. Syreeta Rice says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit and to thank you so very much. It was a wonderful morning. I’m so grateful for your time. All of the staff at West Raynham, children and the parents who joined us had a fantastic morning. I hope you had a safe journey home.

  30. Wendy Jones (R.E Co-ordinator) says:

    Mr Singh visited our school today and spent the afternoon talking to some of our KS2 children about the Sikh way of life. Both staff and children found him most informative and interesting and he had a lovely manner with the children, answering their questions along the way. A great way to bring learning to life. Thoroughly recommended.

  31. Rachel Lyons says:

    Mr Singh provided an excellent service that was interesting, engaging and informative. Both staff and children were able to benefit from his assembly and workshops. He asked and answered questions effectively, in detail. He had a great manner with the children and they enjoyed his company. A very positive experience overall.

  32. Anne O'Neill says:

    Mr. Singh spent the morning at our primary school and led a whole school assembly, followed by a series of talks with pupils across the entire age range. The staff were all delighted with the quality of Mr. Singh’s work, his artefacts and slides. He had a lovely manner with the children and they found him to be a gentle, sincere man who was genuinely interested in their responses. The experience was positive and informative.

  33. Joella Nash says:

    We had the pleasure and delight in welcoming Mr Singh to our RE Day. Every pupil of our our complex needs school gained a great deal from Mr Singh’s dynamic presentation and they took delight in consuming special sweets and treats which Harkirat distributed at the end of his talks. He was able to differentiate and pitch every session appropriately to the needs of each group. All the session were interactive, exciting and above all a tremendous learning experience in understanding aspects of the Sikh faith.

  34. Rebecca Reeve says:

    An extended thanks to Harkirat for a truly amazing visit to our Year 5 and 6 classes during their Sikh themed RE week. The children were engaged throughout and enjoyed asking Harkirat questions about his faith, which Harkirat was able to answer on a very personal level. The activities were fun and also gave the children a chance to use their newly gained knowledge of Sikhi in school based activities throughout the week – especially the use of Punjabi numbers! We look forward to seeing Harkirat again at Upton Meadows and cannot thank him enough for his wonderful educational and enlightening visit.

  35. Chaplaincy Department says:

    I would like to thank-you so much for being able to help with your interview for National Transplant week. I heard it this morning whilst I was being interviewed at Radio Northampton. You answered the questions really well. Overall all the contributors spoke well, and I hope and pray that many more people sign up to the Organ Donation Register as a result of this.With every blessing,
    Revd. George Sarmezey,
    Chaplaincy Department,
    Northampton General Hospital

  36. Alison Hope says:

    I just wanted to say a huge “Thank you” for your wonderful visit to our school on Monday. Both the children and the Staff have commented on how much they learnt from you. I thought you had a wonderful, calming way with the children and I really enjoyed your assembly, as well as listening to you talk in the classroom. The children felt very secure to ask questions and it was refreshing to see you adapt to what the children’s interests were and accomodate their enquiries.
    Alison Hope, Abbey VC Junior School, Daventry.

  37. Fiona Webster-Lee says:

    It was a fabulous day, we all felt fortunate to have such a fantastic presenter of the Sikh religion. The feedback I have had about your workshops was that you were truly outstanding!! Given the complex needs of our children and the wide range of ability you impressed many members of staff and I am sure you have made a lasting impression on many of the children, they particularly loved little Mr Singh and your musical instrument. I thought your teaching was considerate, intuitive and pitched perfectly. I popped in for 10 minutes and ended up staying the whole session as I was mesmerised and intrigued by your delivery. I will definitely be booking you again. Thank you so much for travelling so far and making the day a truly enlightening day.

  38. Michelle Campbell says:

    A huge THANKYOU from Year 6 at Allesley Hall Primary School, Coventry to Harkirat Singh for a fantastic morning learning about Sikhism. Harkirat had a lovely manner with the children and allowed them opportunities to ask questions. He let the children’s curiosity lead the lesson and related his points well to stories and the children’s own experiences. We learnt so much!

  39. Frances Parr says:

    An amazing day with Harkirat. The whole school learnt so much about Sikhism through Harkirat. The children were particularly struck by the positive links that Harkirat made between faiths and the way in which common themes, such as love and compassion, were shared by all.
    Frances Parr
    Barningham CEVC School

  40. Richard Davies (Flore Cubs and Scouts) says:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for the visit by my cubs last night. The evening was extremely informative and interesting and you were a very generous and welcoming host. Actually you were great.

    I will spread the word among my fellow scouters about how good a visit to your gurdwara is and I am certain they will enjoy it as much as we did.

    Thank you once again.

    Kind regards

    Richard Davies

  41. Amy Perrett says:

    I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Mr Harkirat Singh who visited our school this week, delivering assemblies as well as visiting the children in their classrooms. We really appreciated how accommodating you were in linking your classroom sessions to the RE units of work being taught within each year group and the feedback I have had from staff and pupils across the school has been resoundingly positive. I would wholeheartedly recommend your service to other schools.

    Thank you again,
    Amy Perrett
    Bromham C of E Lower School

  42. Vernon Terrace Primary School says:

    This is the second year that we have used Mr Singh as a specialist speaker for our Sikhism unit.
    As a Year 6 class we would like to say a huge thanks to Mr Singh for both his visit to our school and his delightful hosting skills when we visited the Gurdwara.
    The children were completely engrossed on both occasions especially with the turban tying demonstration and handling the kirpan at school.
    They returned to school from visiting the Gurdwara and promptly told peers from other year groups all about the Gurdwara and what happens there. It has really helped with our Sikhism topic to have someone so knowledgeable answer their questions.
    We would highly recommend Mr Singh to any school or organisation! I am sure you will see us again next year!

  43. I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Singh for his visit on the 17th December 2013. The students were absolutely enthralled by his stories. They felt comfortable enough to ask questions, knowing that Mr Singh would respect their ideas and thoroughly enjoyed being able to try on the 5 K’s. A very exciting, and educational morning for our students. Thank you once again Mr Singh.

  44. Joanna Guy says:

    Mr Singh visited West Haddon Primary School this week to teach Year 5 for 3 lessons and our Reception class for 1 lesson. He was fantastic! The children really responded to his gentle and kind teaching and he was able to share so much valuable knowledge about Sikhism. They asked many questions which Mr Singh answered and he created an ethos in the classroom where children felt they could ask anything. He promoted respect and equality and he was well resourced – bringing in lots of items for the children to look at and feel. One of the many highlights was when a child had a turban fitted upon her. He also had great flexibility to move from Year 5 class (some of the oldest in the school) to the Reception class (the youngest). All in all a brilliant day and I shall look forward to working with Mr Singh again next year – Thank You Harkirat.

  45. Head of School 7/2/14 says:

    Hello Harkirat
    First of all can I say how well your visit to our school went. It got me thinking. We have regular (once a half term ) visits from Christian groups to our school which is wonderful. As we have a sizeable Sikh community I would be very interested in setting up a similar link with someone from the Sikh faith. Would it be possible to meet with you to discuss how we could do this?

  46. Alison ; Special needs school and sports college says:

    Many thanks for your visit to our school.
    The staff were so impressed with your attitude and understanding of the
    students.The students enjoyed every minute and learned a lot from you about
    Sikhism.We look forward to working with you again.
    One God, One world.

  47. Judy Tarbox says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your visit this afternoon. I spoke to the children and they very much enjoyed the experience of meeting a ‘real Sikh’.
    I hope that you will become a regular visitor to our school and help to enrich the children’s understanding of Sikhism.
    Best wishes,
    Judy Tarbox

  48. Hazira Hussain says:

    Thank you very much for allowing Year5 from St James C of E primary School to visit the Gurdwara. The children learnt a lot and especially enjoyed experiencing and seeing the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and listening to the reading of the Guru Granth Sahib.

    Kind regards
    Hazira Hussian
    St James C of E primary School

    • Harkirat Singh says:

      It’s wonderful when children and teachers alike wish to visit the Gurdwara, and we welcome the opportunity of being able to serve the wider community in this way. Your prayers and good wishes are gratefully received.

  49. Ruth Traynor (Islington) says:

    Thanks again for another wonderful day! Had some great feedback from staff and children. Teachers really liked the way that you were very inclusive of people of all religions and those with no faith. Some staff even said that they wish you worked at our school! The prayer was just as lovely as I remember it from last year and maybe even better as you had the microphone! Thanks again for a great day!

  50. Emma Williamson says:

    The service you provided us with was amazing. Our children where able to experience the props you brought and gain experiences that would have been hard for us to deliver without you. Your manner with the children was instinctive and all the staff have given positive feedback on your presentation. I just wish we had more time with you. I have kept your card and I am sure we will be in contact in the future for further visits.

  51. Alison Hope, Abbey Church Of England Academy says:

    Dear Mr Singh,
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for visiting our school once again.You were a great inspiration to our children and Staff alike and we all gained knowledge from your visit.As ever, you were guided by the children and responded brilliantly to their questions….. whatever they were! Thank you for allowing our children to be free in their questioning and thus reassured that their thoughts and ideas are respected and valued.I look forward to seeing and working with you again in the future,Very kind regards,Alison Hope.

  52. Tracy Edwards says:

    Harkirat, It was such a pleasure to work with you today. Thank-you so much for your exceptionally valuable contribution to today’s professional learning day for primary RE co-ordinators. The teachers in the sessions clearly appreciated your insights into the Sikh faith, as well as your interactive approach to training and facilitation. Please keep in touch. I look forward to working with you in the future.
    Kind Regards,Tracy Edwards

  53. Scott Horsley - Deputy Headmaster says:

    I wanted to write to you personally to say how much I enjoyed seeing you again.
    It has been a pleasure to hear the positive comments from both the staff and the children regarding your professional attitude, your fantastic manner with the children and, more generally, what a lovely person you are.
    I will be sure to recommend you to other schools in the area, if this is something that you would appreciate.
    Thank you again for the time and energy that you invested into both days of your visit. I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.
    Respect, equality and forgiveness. A very powerful and clear message; one I will reinforce in school.

  54. Val Griffiths - Deputy Head Teacher says:

    Harkirat, Just a quick message to say thank you again for your day here at All Saints. It has been brilliant spending the day with you and seeing the children so engaged, and the staff. Kindest Regards,Val Griffiths,Deputy Head Teacher

  55. Rebecca Davies - Thurgoland Church Of England School says:

    I am just writing on behalf of the staff to say a huge thank you for today. The feedback from staff and children has been fantastic; everyone learnt so much and you presented everything in such a warm, lively and engaging manner. What lovely messages you have left us all with to start our holiday.

  56. Alphington School, Devon says:

    Mr Singh visited our School Alphington Primary School in Devon in March. You were able to support my Sikh Festival RE day, through joining my Assembly and visiting several classes. Both children and staff were very impressed with how very engaging and inspirational the sessions were. The children enjoyed learning about and handling the Five K’s in the workshop session. Also, how open you were to answering questions about your faith. Thank you again for making the very long trip to Devon. I am about to share this wonderful visit with my RE colleagues in Devon. Sorry for taking so long to write on your website. Linda Hale

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