Kirtan & Vaja Classes

Kirtan & Harmonium Classes

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  1. Sevadaar says:

    Kirtan classes are open to all ; beginners of all ages are welcome ; experienced kirtanees are also welcome ; we will all learn off each other and receive Guru Ji’s Blessings !

  2. Sevadaar says:

    If anyone has an instrument at home that they no longer use (tabla / vaja etc), then please contact Harkirat Singh on 07968 143546 ; many young students across the UK could make use of it ; what wonderful seva you would be doing !!

  3. Pinder Chauhan Birdi says:

    I would like to start my son learning to play the vaaja and sing Kirtan. He is four years old. Please could you kindly send me some information about class times and locations. I would appreciate your time.

    • Pindy Kaur Chahal says:

      Dear Pinder
      Thank you for your enquiry. The Kirtan/Vaja class takes place on Mondays 6.30pm to 8pm at Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara. The class will be restarting after the holiday break with a new tutor on Monday 9th January, please bring your son along then.
      We look forward to seeing you.
      Regards, Pindy

  4. Steve O'Connell says:

    A friend suggested that you may offer Yoga classes for non -Sikh’s, please could you inform me whether this is the case please? I have looked at the website who do not have any such classes in Northampton. I am seeking this route to assist in my long term mental health issues and attempting to be ‘happier’ less depressed and less anxious and I have had some Yoga classes before and they were really helpfull.

    Thank you in advance of your help and assistance in this matter and I hope you may be able to advise me where I may be able to find help.
    Best Regards

    Steve O’Connell

  5. Craig Stocker says:

    just wondering if you are still holding the kirtan and vaja classes? and if it’s ok for non Sikh’s to attend?

    Many thanks


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