The Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC) was formed in October 1996 to provide services that other organisations were unable to provide to Sikhs living in Northamptonshire. Indeed the SCCYC is the only Sikh Community Centre in Northamptonshire. SCCYC is recognised as an innovative and strong forefront organisation that provides quality services to the Sikh, local and wider communities.


SCCYC exists to meet the social, cultural, educational and issue based needs of the community by involving community members in shaping their own lives.


Our aim is to improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of Northamptonshire through structured provision of support services, education, integration, leisure, social, health, culture and issue based facilities to all ages and backgrounds, in a safe environment.


Our Management Committee is a strong and successful combination of people with professional backgrounds, experience and diverse skills. The Management Committee, staff and volunteers continually strive to provide valuable services to the community in a professional manner.


The Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC) provides a significant range of services for local and diverse communities and we continue to add services on an ongoing basis as we grow. Currently these include:

  1. Support Service
  2. Elderly Day Centre
  3. Education
  4. Cultural Activities
  5. Health & Sport
  6. Clubs: Youth, Kids, Summer, Homework, Ladies, Men’s
  7. Community Events, Workshops & Outings
  8. Volunteering Scheme
  9. Schools Visits Project
  10. Partnerships Project
  11. Northampton Sikhs Project
  12. Punjabi Heritage Project

2 Responses to SCCYC

  1. concerned says:

    When the ladies who make Langar move on, how many of the younger ladies will be able to make Langar ?
    Are there any plans to start Langar making classes ?
    Are there any volunteers out there who would help teach in English or Punjabi ?

  2. Hello, apologies for the delayed response…That is an excellent question and we do share your concern. We are pleased to inform you that SCCYC is in the process of starting a project called ‘Women In Action’ to set up an 2 year program of activities to address such concerns. An open meeting is being held to plan skills transfer activities this Friday 4th November, 6pm to 8pm at the Gurdwara. Your attendance and input will be greatly appreciated.
    Please do send me your contact details so that we can keep you updated on the activities.

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