Punjabi Fusion Panels

  • Immigration“I came to London in 1964. I had long hair then and a turban. I was also told to cut my hair, to take off my turban and then I could get a job…” Read More
  • Daily_Life“Indian Punjab is called the “Granary of India” or “India bread-basket” the principal crops being barley, wheat, rice, maize and sugar cane, fruits and vegetables are also grown…” Read More
  • Clothing“Punjabi clothing is distinct and vibrant. Punjabi ladies have traditionally worn Sulwar suits with Ghaghras on top and heavy Chunnis, they used to cover their faces…” Read More
  • Music“One of Punjab’s most distinct cultural traditions is its music and instruments. Punjabi instruments include the Tabla, Dhol, Tumbi and Harmonium…” Read More
  • Sport“Gatka is the Sikh martial art in which swords and wooden sticks are used. Gatka developed alongside the Sikh religion and became established as an important Sikh cultural artifact as Guru Hargobind empowered the Sikh nation…” Read More
  • Festivals“Sikh Festivals in the UK are the same as those in India. There are two main festivals Bandi Chhor (Diwali) and Vaisakhi…” Read More
  • Sikhism“Sikhism means EQUALITY PEACE LOVE RESPECT. The Sikh values are common sense and Sikhs try to practice those values today…” Read More

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