Mr Amarjit Singh Atwal
Siri Guru Singh Sabha
17-19 St Georges Street

Tel Gurdwara: 01604 634641


Mrs Pindy Kaur Chahal
Community Development Officer
Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC)
23 – 25 St Georges Street

 Tel: 01604 475802

Registered Charity No: 1056764

9 Responses to Contact

  1. Gurukifateh says:

    Much improved website for Northampton Sikhs.
    Would be nice if the other Northamton Gurdwara was also linked to the same website in the future.
    Very good to see the availability for online donations.
    May I suggest that all names of sevadaars on the website, include Singh and Kaur.
    Guru Ang Sang !

  2. HKChhokar says:

    The website is so much better now.
    When registering though, there was no option to enter a middle name which meant I couldn’t include Kaur so that though could be yet improved.
    I will make others more aware of this now so you should be soon getting more registered users!
    Please do continue updating the website :)

    • Singh says:

      I agree, much better website than before.
      I think everyone should tell others to use it more, that way we can all learn more.

  3. Baljit Kaur Dev says:

    Can you please tell me if the new Gurdwara in Northampton has opened and exactly where is it located? It was meant to open in April 2011.

    • Sevadaar says:

      There are plans for two new Gurdwara buildings in Northampton, and neither of the new buildings are opened yet.
      If you wish to do Seva, then you still can, if you wish to do Sangat, then you still can……so please come and join us at the existing Gurdwaras and then help us progress towards the New Gurdwaras.

  4. RS says:

    I would like to congratulate you on your activities (particularly for the youth) they really foster a sense of belonging. Having lived in many places in the UK and USA, I can confirm that given the size of the community, Northampton Sikhs are very active and are a shining example to many other community organisations with much larger Sikh populations. One suggestion though, and I don’t mean to sound too patronizing :I really recommend taking advantage of Social Media to further enhance a sense of community, Facebook,Twitter and sending out a newsletter to subscribers are three reltively easy and effective ways to do this. Again, thank you for all the work done,

    • Pindy Kaur Chahal says:

      Thank you very much for such informative and positive feedback.
      You can sign up to our newsletter which we send out every quarter. We also have a Facebook page and we are currently in the process of integrating Twitter with our website. Please keep these suggestions coming as it will help us make improvements and ensure we keep delivering to meet your expectations.

      Kind Regards

  5. Jagjit Hari says:

    Thank you for the improved website that has been provided. It is easier to find information on the website. One suggestion i would like to make is: today is Lori 2013, would it be possiable to show live feeds (of sorts) if there is a Akandparth seva today or if their a langer seva happening today. If there is a free slot and some would like to take Seva for said day?

    Thank you for providing an excellent service.
    Please let me know.

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