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What we do not want is to create isolated neighbourhoods with buildings that have rigid functions which soon become obsolete. Instead we want to create neighbourhood buildings that complement the surrounding town environment, contribute to raising a neighbourhood profile, benefit more than one part of the community and are created by the involvement of all parties of interest.

We do not want to deliver duplicate services. There are many areas of service delivery which we believe can be delivered through partnership arrangements and we actively encourage this approach. With your support and feedback, where we believe there is a gap in services currently not being provided , we would seek to design and develop appropriate services for all.

This is why it’s important that we involve you whether you are part of a particular community, work in the public sector, or are an external provider of services. We want to work with you whether you are a charity, a local business, a department of the city or county council, a community or business forum, an educational institute, a health agency, a regeneration body, a sports clubs or anything else for that matter.

So you could be local people of different faiths, mothers who want more services for children, elderly people who feel you are not being listened to, young people who want a change, council officers who could benefit from reaching out to new groups, business owners who would like start-up space or health and education providers who deliver services that could be offered in the new facility. Or you may just want to shape services and activities that give you more fulfilment in your social lives. If so, then we would like to hear from you.

We have developed a clear organisational structure for how we want to deliver the five strategic aims highlighted in the vision document which allows you to pick where you want to get involved with our organisation.

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