Many communities have powerful resources which they fail to realise and maximise because they do not engage them… these powerful resources are YOU! We want to take advantage of such resources and skills. We want your skills, your experience, your knowledge to guide us in delivering services and activities, which meet the needs of people in Northampton.

We want you to guide the design and development of facilities to house these services. By doing so you get the opportunity to utilise your experience in social environments, you get to challenge your business acumen for delivering community targets, you get to savour the reward of helping others who are less fortunate than yourself and you get to fulfil legacies of older generations who have not been able to fulfil ambitious projects.

Most of all you get to be involved in what we believe is one if the most exciting community ventures in Northamptonshire. Some of the different ways you can get involved are:

  • You can use your analytical skills to support our ongoing community research
  • You could lend your knowledge of particular networks to bring investment to our ideas
  • Or use your wisdom to guide us out of strategic pitfalls
  • You could help us keep members engaged with regular information using your typing skills
  • You could help maintain the marketing and communication flows using your IT skills to develop our website further or create marketing literature
  • Your customer service experience could help develop early quality standards for our activities
  • Your Commercial know-how will prevent us from making expensive mistakes
  • Your business acumen can help us profit in making the right purchases
  • And with leadership qualities you can give us strategic direction and maintain our purpose and help us make the right choices for others
  • Using your negotiation skills could be the persuading factor in getting external recognition amongst influential networks

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